• Past Performance

Air National Guard

107th Boiler Controls
107th Secure Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) Buildout
107th Repair Bldg. 902 for Headquarters Personnel

Air Force Reserve

914th Building 810
914th Storm Drainage Repair Bldg. 821
914th Communications Infrastructure Project
914th Repair and Stabilize Storm Banks
914th Communications Bldg. 816

Department of Justice/Bureau of Prisons

Elkton OH – PPMC
MDC Brooklyn – Design/Build Fire Alarm Upgrade

Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Generator Maintenance Buffalo/Batavia-5 Yr. Term Contract

Department of Transportation – Region 5 Erie County

Vehicle Wash Bays at Three Locations


Buffalo Airport – ASR Roof
Boiler Replacement, Syracuse ATCT

Fort Dix Army Reserve Contracting Center East Fort Totten

Install and Replace Security Fencing

Ft Dix Army Reserve Contracting Ctr – Orangeburg

Install and Replace Security Fencing

General Services Administration

Rainbow Bridge – Security Gates and Holding Room
Rainbow Bridge – Bus Garage Pass Thru
Rainbow Bridge – Power Poles
Ft. Covington – Paving
Jackson Courthouse – Wallboard/ Painting Repairs
Jackson Courthouse – Ceiling fan installation
Jackson Courthouse – Judges Chambers
Keating Federal Building Rochester, Bankruptcy Offices

NAVFAC- Mid Atlantic

Mechanicsburg Fire Alarms Bldgs. 4, 203, 204, 508, 509
Newburgh Stewart Window/Lightings Upgrades MAG-49

NAVFAC- Southeast IDIQ

Kings Bay – Bldg. 4030/5060/5066
Kings Bay – CIF Roof Replacement Bldgs. 5063, 5123, 5062, 5093
Kings Bay – Replace Switchgear
Kings Bay – Install Fire Suppression System at Bldg. 5083
Kings Bay – Replace Hurricane Matthew Damaged Roofs
Kings Bay – EHW 2 Divers Dock/Guide Pile Repairs
SEPA Repairs NOSC Augusta & Columbus, GA
SEPA Repairs NOSC Greenville, SC
Kings Bay – Dry-dock Repairs NSB

National Park Services

CACO – Cape Cod National Seashore Pavement Improvements FY16 & 17 DEWA – Delaware Water Gap Pavement Rehabilitation
Saratoga National Historical Park Pavement Improvements
Gateway Sandy Hook Beach Center Demo
Gateway National Recreation Area Water and Sewer Line

Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Roof Terrace
PET Scan Holding Area
Interventional Radiology Renovations 2nd Floor
HR-IT Renovations
4th Floor AGT Relocation

Tobyhanna Depot

Paving Projects
Re-Roofing Bldgs. 13 & 333
Roof Replacement


Wellington Barn Roof Replacement
Geneva and Ithaca Parking Lot Resurfacing
Robert Holley Door Replacement
Greenhouse Evaporative Coolers
Ithaca Bldg 003 Roof Replacement

U.S. Air Force

Moody AFB – Sunshade Repair and Maintenance
Robins AFB – B-651 HVAC
Robins AFB – Renovations to B-645
Robins AFB – Replace HVAC B-231 Labs 200 & 600
Robins AFB – Relocate ARU at Hanger B-125

U.S. Army Contracting Command – Watervliet Arsenal

Foundation Repair (Quarters 9) Roadway & Manhole Repair
Fire Alarm Installation (Building 25) Foundations (Building 35)
Body Forge – Upgrade HVAC & Electrical Panel Wood Block Flooring
Fresh Air / Pneumatic Upgrade
Fuel Tank Painting
Bldg. 115 Flooring
Bldg. 10 & 44 Flooring
Steam Supply and Condensate Repair
Tacchi Foundations
Repair Catch Basins & Sidewalks
Rigging Machinery at 9 Locations
Install Crane Platforms
Install Foundations for Rifler
Machine Foundations
Pump Seal Repair (Building 136)
Renovation and Repair of Credit Union
Replace Storm Windows in Housing Quarters 2 & 3
South Gate Entrance/ Security
Repair Fence & Bollards at Various Buildings
Bldg. 36 Industrial Wastewater Treatment

U.S. Army Contracting Command

Repair Gate openers at 4 Locations (ME, VT, NH)

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Fort Gordon GA Design/Build Peak Shaving Generator
Fort Jackson Mechanical Enclosure Fence
Force Protection 917 Upgrades Western New York
Force Protection 917 Upgrades Brooklyn
Fort Gordon Flood Cleanup and Facility Repairs
Fort Gordon Repair Bldg. 21720
Fort Gordon W508 Fire Alarm Bldg. 21720
US Army Engineering Dist. – Back Hall Maintenance Phase III Fort Jackson Site Concrete Package
Fort Drum Design/Build CIDC Addition
Fort Drum IDT Renovations
Hartford CT Building Renovations
Fort Drum MATOC Repair Latrines P84
Install Ductless Mini-splits Plattsburg, NY
Fort Drum Replace Bridge 62
Fort Drum Construct Multi-purpose Range Bldgs. 41B & 43 Fort Drum Install Local Exhaust P11444
Service and Maintenance 6 Recruiting Stations Maintenance and Repair 4 Recruiting locations
Webster Overflow Lot
Fort Drum Asphalt Requirements
Fort Drum Paving SATOC
Fort Drum MATOC Multi-Purpose Range Bldg. 41A

U.S. Army Reserve Command

BG Theodore Roosevelt, JR. – Maintenance Contract
Sgt. J. W. Kilmer – Maintenance Contract
Ernie Pyle – Maintenance Contract
Amherst – Replace AHU Design Build

U.S. Coast Guard

Boiler Repair -Fort Wadsworth
Design/Build Boiler Replacement -Fort Wadsworth
Replace Perimeter Security Fence -Youngstown, NY

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Steam Line Repairs Geneva, NY
Robert Holley Door Replacement

U.S. Merchant Marine

Maintenance Contract

West Point Academy

Server Room Electrical
Design/Build Fire Alarm M.A.S.S. Notification
HVAC Renovations Bldg. 626
Replace Lighting USMAPS Gymnasium
Sherman Barracks Repairs
Washington Hall Renovations
Antenna Replacement
Replace Two 30,000 Gallon Oil Tanks

Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center

Cardiac Stroke Unit Renovations

Rochester Bus Terminal