NAVFAC Kings Bay

Design/ Build Office Renovations

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Fort Gordon GA Design/Build Peek Shaving Generator
Fort Jackson Mechanical Enclosure Fence
Force Protection 917 Upgrades
Fort Gordon Flood Cleanup and Facility Repairs

NAVFAC Stewart Airforce Base NY

Design/Build Window & Lighting Replacement

NAVFAC – Mid Atlantic

Mechanicsburg Fire Alarms Bldgs. 4, 203, 204, 508, 509
Newburg Stewart Window/Lightings upgrades MAG-49

NAVFAC – Southeast

Kings Bay- Bldg 4030/5060/5066
CIF Roof Replacement Bldgs. 5063, 5123, 5062, 5093

West Point Academy

Server Room Electrical
Design/ Build Fire Alarm M.A.S.S. Notification
Video Wall
HVAC Renovations

U.S. Coast Guard – Fort Wadsworth

Boiler Repair Design/Build Boiler replacement

U.S. Coast Guard – Youngstown, NY

Replace Perimeter Security Fence

Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Generator Maintenance Buffalo/Batavia-Term Contract

BG Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. USARC

Maintenance Contract

SGT. J. W. Kilmer USARC

Maintenance Contrac

MG William Weigel USARC

Maintenance Contract

Ernie Pyle USARC, Fort Totten

Maintenance Contract

Dept. Of Justice/Bureau of Prisons

Elkton OH-PPMC
MDC Brooklyn – Design/Build Fire Alarm Upgrade

Air National Guard

Boiler Controls

Tobyhanna Depot

Paving Project


Rainbow Bridge – Security Gates Rainbow Bridge – Holding Room Rainbow Bridge – Bus Garage Pass Thru Rainbow Bridge – Power Poles Jackson Courthouse – Painting Repairs Ft. Covington – Paving
Jackson Courthouse – Ceiling fan installation
Jackson Courthouse – Wallboard
Jackson Courthouse – Handrail Painting
Jackson Courthouse – Judges Chambers

Army Contracting Command – Watervliet Arsenal

3 Year BOA –Various Task Order
Foundation Repair (Quarters 9)
Roadway & Manhole Repair
Fire Alarm Installation (Building 25)
Foundations (Building 35)
Body Forge – Upgrade HVAC & Electrical Panel
Wood Block Flooring
Fresh Air/ Pneumatic Upgrade
Fuel Tank Painting
Exterior Handrail Repair
Bldg. 115 Flooring
Bldg. 10 & 44 Flooring
Rotterdam, Gerry, and Schenectady Custodial Services
Amherst and Tonawanda Custodial Services
Steam Supply and Condensate Repair
Tacchi Foundation


Buffalo Airport –ASR Roof

Fort Dix Army Reserve Contracting Center East Fort Totten

Install and Replace Security Fencing

Fort Dix Army Reserve Contracting Center – Orangeburg

Install and Replace Security Fencing

Niagara Falls Air Force Base, 914th Air Wing

Building 810 Storm Drainage Repair Bldg. 821

National Park Services

CACO – Cape Cod National Seashore Pavement Improvements
DEWA – Delaware Water Gap Pavement Rehabilitation

Rochester Bus Terminal

TSA Buffalo and Niagara Falls Airport Custodial

U.S. Contracting Command


U.S. Merchant Marines

Maintenance Contract

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